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NovaLeaf Academy是一所为在加拿大的新移民、大学生和应届毕业生提供英语技能培训的教育机构。我们的初衷是帮助学生们提高他们的英语水平。 我们秉持协作,高效,创新的核心思想,提供优质服务,并为着学员们的今后发展而努力。

我们的总部位于Halifax(哈利法克斯)市中心的Dresden Row,1526号。

Nova Leaf Office


NovaLeaf’s written communication courses are designed to help students become outstanding formal writers. Our two main courses are business writing and academic writing.


The oral communication courses at NovaLeaf Academy aim to improve students’ overall English fluency, while growing their confidence. NovaLeaf Academy Group has developed a systematic oral communication teaching program, with all topics divided into four levels of proficiency: low, intermediate, high, and advanced. Students can choose specific topics at any of these levels to their further learning. To maximize class efficiency, we use a “4+1” Model for each oral communication course. During the first four lessons of each course, our instructors will cover the vocabulary, sentence structure and communication techniques for each topic. The final lesson of each course will take students out of classroom to experience the real life surroundings of the specific topic they have just completed studying.

For most students in universities graduation is time of joy, but it can also be a time of great anxiety. Finding a job in certain fields can be very challenging. Many students have the academic skills and experience to achieve great success, but lack a great strategy to help them find and secure the job they deserve.

That’s why here at Novaleaf, we offer a vocational training course, designed to enhance students’ job searching capabilities and interview performance. We have developed a “Three Step Model” for this purpose:

Step 1: Our instructor will help you determine a direction in your job search, narrowing down the focus to only desirable positions. Teaching you how to focus your job search based on your education, experience and desired type of job

Step 2: Developing resumes and cover letters. Based on students’ job direction, our instructors will help you develop the resume and cover letter writing skills you need to gain interviews for the job you want.

Step 3: Interviews. Our instructors will set up mock interviews, playing the role of an interviewer. Our instructors will ask the kinds of questions likely to appear in the real interviews and offer students feedback to build their interview abilities and confidence.

For the student with the best performance, we will arrange a real introduction with a potential employer in the field the student is seeking employment.


Our Vision

Nova Leaf Academy – Career Training

Checkout how we can help you breakthrough all these common, yet annoying, job interview barriers.

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