Vocational Training

Check out how we can help you breakthrough all these common, yet annoying, job interview barriers.

For most students in universities graduation is time of joy, but it can also be a time of great anxiety. Finding a job in certain fields can b very challenging. Many students have the academic skills and experience to achieve great success, but lack a great strategy to help them find and secure the job they deserve.

That’s why here at Novaleaf, we offer a vocational training course, designed to enhance students’ job searching capabilities and interview performance. We have developed a “Three Step Model” for this purpose:

Step 1: Our instructor will help you determine a direction in your job search, narrowing down the focus to only desirable positions. Teaching you how to focus your job search based on your education, experience and desired type of job

Step 2: Developing resumes and cover letters. Based on students’ job direction, our instructors will help you develop the resume and cover letter writing skills you need to gain interviews for the job you want.

Step 3: Interviews. Our instructors will set up mock interviews, playing the role of an interviewer. Our instructors will ask the kinds of questions likely to appear in the real interviews and offer students feedback to build their interview abilities and confidence.

For the student with the best performance, we will arrange a real introduction with a potential employer in the field the student is seeking employment.

Topic covered include:
• Identifying career goals, and determining options
• Building a strong resume and cover letter
• Efficiently using various job search websites
• Positive body language during the interview
• Understanding and applying post-interview strategies
• Mock interviews and feedback

Meet Our Teachers

Tammy Banfield

Tammy Banfield is a career coach and employment consultant who focuses on helping job seekers navigate the job market, build robust professional networks, market themselves on paper and in interviews, and gain the confidence they need to succeed. By delivering one-on-one coaching, courses, group workshops, webinars, and outplacement consulting, Tammy has helped over 700 clients reach their career goals. Tammy is the co-host of the Kick Some Glass Career Coaching Podcast, and has been featured in two books, “Being Me” and “Your Twenties”. When she’s not serving as a passionate advocate for her clients, Tammy enjoys working up a sweat at the gym, biking and running local trails, and paddle boarding on the ocean.

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