Oral Communication

The oral communication courses at NovaLeaf Academy aim to improve students’ overall English fluency, while growing their confidence. NovaLeaf Academy Group has developed a systematic oral communication teaching program, with all topics divided into four levels of proficiency: low, intermediate, high, and advanced. Students can choose specific topics at any of these levels to their further learning. To maximize class efficiency, we use a “4+1” Model for each oral communication course. During the first four lessons of each course, our instructors will cover the vocabulary, sentence structure and communication techniques for each topic. The final lesson of each course will take students out of classroom to experience the real life surroundings of the specific topic they have just completed studying.

Topics you can choose

Does this bus go to Scotia Square?

AKA how to politely talk to telemarketers

asking for assistance with specific items, especially technology: “I’m looking for a device that can adapt an SD card to a USB port.”

if you get hurt/sick, how to effectively describe your symptoms to a doctor. “I feel nauseous, I have a bad headache and my nose is very congested.”

“I’d like to set up a checking account, please.”

“I’d like to reserve a table for two for Friday night at 7 PM.”

“I would like the prime rib, medium well, with the grilled asparagus and potatoes, please.”

“I would like a small sedan for three days, please.”

how to effectively ask someone out?

“What’s your biggest weakness?”

“I’m thinking about medical school, what grades do I need for that?”

“While you raise some good points, I respectfully disagree…”

“I need an oil change and a tire rotation, please”

how to talk to police/insurance companies in the event of an accident.

Meet Our Teachers

David Caldwell

I’m an immigrant too–an American, now living in Canada. I’ve taught ESL for nearly five years in Canada, the US and South Korea, helping students of all ages learn to be confident in their English skills. My lessons teach practical speaking skills, and I look forward to helping students live, study and work in Canada. I also have years of experience as a writer, and I look forward to helping students improve their English writing skills as well.

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