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NovaLeaf Academy

NovaLeaf Academy is committed to providing educational services in English for recent immigrants, university students and recent graduates who wish to study, or work, in Canada. As a new language institution, our mission is to help people achieve their personal and professional linguistic goals. Our core values of integration, efficiency, and innovation drive us to provide excellent services, while continuing to grow as an organization.

Our headquarters is centrally located at 1526 Dresden Row in Downtown Halifax.

Around School

NovaLeaf Academy is devoted to building a community platform, helping people achieve their personal and professional goals, as we work to become the largest training corporation in Eastern Canada.

At NovaLeaf, international students are our special focus, we offer a variety of courses designed to assist students in gaining the written and oral English they need to succeed in their educational programs.

Our academic writing courses will help students learn everything from outlining and writing essays, to citing and editing a finished paper. For recent graduates, we offer courses on developing effective resumes and cover letters to help them secure the position they deserve.

We also offer extensive training in English as a spoken language. These courses are perfect for anyone wishing to increase their ability with spoken English; everyone from experienced speakers, who wish to learn the most advanced parts of the language, to beginners who need to build a solid foundation. These courses will include a general development of a student’s English skills and using English in specific social and professional settings. These specific settings will include everything from job interviews and academic presentations to ordering meals at a restaurant.

To offer high quality courses, we meticulously assess our potential instructors to ensure they have extensive backgrounds in education generally, and instructing ESL specifically. Hiring instructors, from a wide talent pool, who have both comprehensive experience and a passion for teaching.

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